Fetal hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma: A case report

fatma douik, Ahlem BLEL, Nadia BEN JAMAA, Imen KSIBI, Radhouane ACHOUR, Anas BESBES, Samia Kacem, Soumeya SIALA GAIGI, Aida MASMOUDI


Hepatic tumors accounted 5% of congenital neoplasms. Mesenchymal hamartoma of the liver is a rare benign tumor of children, which definitive diagnosis during the fetal period remains difficult, despite advances in antenatal imaging. In this paper, we report a case of hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma diagnosed prenatally with ultrasound scan showing a multicystic mass in the left upper abdomen accompanying polyhydramnios and complicated by a preterm labor. The newborn died on the first day of life due to respiratory distress and neonatal jaundice. The diagnosis was confirmed histologically post-delivery.


Hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma; fetal ultrasound scan; prenatal diagnosis.

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