Use of the incomplete sentences and the ‘three wishes’ approach in the identification of the subjective perception and impact of cystic fibrosis. The first open methodological experience in Czech voluntary patients: a pilot study

Jan Chrastina


Aim. Cystic fibrosis (CF) brings numerous limitations and changes in the perception and behaviour. Thepresent study aimed to use a specific qualitative approach to describe the main dimensions and categoriesin the area of perception/presence of CF in 25 cases. Methods. The research (a pilot study) used theopen methodological approach of the incomplete sentences (a total of 15) and the ‘three wishes’ techniquein 25 voluntary patients (20 women and 5 men). Two items identified the current condition andsources of support. Results. Main dimensions emphasised/signified by cases included particularly healthassistance/support and life satisfaction/wishes. The categories of family and patient themselves were themain sources of patients’ support. Conclusions. The given methodological approach seemed as a highlyspecific and valuable tool for obtaining the data of subjective nature. The knowledge and understandingof the specifics can help mutual effectiveness in the context of communication, diagnostic and complianceprocesses in treatment, health/special education and other areas.


Cystic fibrosis; Methodology; Impact; Subjective perception; Incomplete sentences test; Three wishes technique

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