Blepharo-Cheilo-Dontic Syndrome. First case in Ecuador.

Paola Jacqueline Velez


The combination of lagophthalmia, euryblepharon, ectropion of lower eyelids, distichiasis, cleft lip and palate, and oligodontia comprises the Blepharo-Cheilo-Dontic (BCD) syndrome. This combination has described as an autosomal dominant condition with variable expression. We described an Ecuadorian girl with consistent signs from BCD syndrome. Our patient also has unilateral hearing loss and metatarsus varus. The aim of this paper is to add this case of Blepharo-Cheilo-Dontic Syndrome to world casuistry, because it is considered a rare disease.


Blepharo-Cheilo-Dontic; cleft lip and palate; euryblepharon; lagophthalmia; ectropion; distichiasis; unilateral hearing loss; metatarsus varus.

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