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Privacy Statement

Manuscripts will be reviewed with due respect for authors’ confidentiality. Reviewers also have rights to confidentiality, which must be respected by the editor. Confidentiality may have to be breached if dishonesty or fraud is alleged but otherwise must be honored. RARE Journal editors won’t disclose information about manuscripts (including their receipt, content, status in the reviewing process, criticism by reviewers, or ultimate fate) to anyone other than the authors and reviewers. This includes requests to use the materials for legal proceedings.

RARE Journal makes clear to the reviewers that manuscripts sent for review are privileged communications and are the private property of the authors. Therefore, reviewers and members of the editorial staff will respect the authors’ rights by not publicly discussing the authors’ work or appropriating their ideas before the manuscript is published. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscript for their files and are prohibited from sharing it with others, except with the editor’s permission. Reviewers destroy copies of manuscripts after submitting reviews. Editors are not keeping copies of rejected manuscripts.

Reviewer comments are not be published without permission of the reviewer, author, and editor.

Identifying information (including names, initials, or hospital numbers) of study participants should not be published under any circumstances. It is the authors’ responsibility to respect the patients’ right of privacy, as well as the national and international legal framework on this issue.